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Checkerboard design sofa bed showcasing versatile grey and blue fabrics

Aspen Sofa Bed

Available in a variety of colours.


Embrace both style and functionality in your home with the Aspen Sofa Bed, featuring a distinctive checkerboard design. This innovative sofa bed combines comfort and versatility, ideal for small spaces or for adding a playful touch to any room. Upholstered in durable grey and vibrant blue fabrics, it stands out not just for its color but also for its practicality.

The Aspen Sofa Bed easily transforms from a contemporary sofa to a comfortable bed in seconds, perfect for accommodating overnight guests with a simple pull-out mechanism. Its multi-functional design includes adjustable armrests for added comfort whether sitting or sleeping. The checkerboard pattern of the mattress adds a modern twist to the traditional sofa bed, making it a unique piece that complements any modern living space or den.

  • Elevate Space with Aspen Sofa Bed

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