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Image of Boston Futon Sofa Bed in charcoal fabric, featuring tufted details and modern design

Boston Futon

Available in different colours.


Transform your living space with the versatile and stylish Boston Futon Sofa Bed. This elegant piece effortlessly combines modern functionality with classic design, making it a perfect addition to any contemporary or minimalist decor. Upholstered in a luxurious charcoal fabric, the sofa bed features a sleek silhouette with tufted details that enhance its sophisticated look.

Ideal for small apartments or guest rooms, the Boston Futon easily converts from a cozy sofa into a comfortable bed, ensuring your space is always guest-ready. The robust frame is supported by slanted metal legs, providing stability and a touch of modern flair. Whether used for lounging during the day or as an extra sleeping space at night, this sofa bed offers both exceptional comfort and lasting durability.

  • Transform Space: Boston Futon Sofa Bed

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