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Contemporary light grey bedframe with oak accents, featuring a sleek design.

Eden Bedframe

The Beautiful Eden Bed offers a Bright, Contemporary feel to Adorn any Bedroom. Light Grey merges with A Wonderfully Crafted Oak Offset To Creating a Striking Bed.

  • Wood Finish: Washed (Natural Oak Top) + High Gloss (Body Cream Grey Base),
  • Steel Handle Finish: Powder Coating (Grey Anthracite)

Available sizes:

  • 3ft: 2080 W x 1040 D x 1100 H mm, 
  • 4ft6: 2080 W x 1500 D x 1100 H mm, 
  • 5ft: 2170 W x 1650 D x 1100 H mm, 
  • 6ft: 2040 W x 2110 D x 1140 H mm, 
  • Fusion of Light Grey, Natural Oak Bedroom

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